Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Too many passwords that must be in mind, you may forget a password which is used by your Windows. You can not log into Windows until you successfully enter the password correctly.

Through the following trick, you can create a flash (USB Stick) as a key that can reset your password. Follow the steps below:

1. Login to Windows as Administrator
2. Insert the USB Stick that will be used as a key emergency
3. Access User account on the control panel
4. Log in to Your Account
5. Click the prevent a Forgotten Password on the leftside
6. Remember you need a USB Stick is installed before accessing this menu. Then a window will appear forgotten password wizard, click next
7. Enter your password in the tab Current user account password, then click next
8. Windows will record your password in the form of a "file.Psw" into your USB Stick
9. Click next and click finish.

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