Friday, January 16, 2009


Right click on the desktop of my computer so you will see system information like the picture below. This dialog box include system information about your computer and operating system that you use.

This trick will add a picture like above and add a support information. When you click on support information button, it will appear like picture below.
Are you ready to make your computer look more beautiful? here we go :

Write the text below at notepad :
Manufacturer=High speed computer
Model=New Mode
[Support Information]
Line1=This is my personal computer
Line2=Don't access this computer
Line3=Without permission of me
Line4=I'm So Sorry
Save this file at C:\windows\system32

At tab file give the name of file with oeminfo.ini

At tab save as type choose all files then click save

The next step we will put the picture :

Use picture with .bmp format and size 180x114 pixel, use photoshop to convert your .jpg or .jpeg format and rezise the picture.

Save the picture with format .bmp in the same location of oeminfo.ini at system32

Give the picture name oemlogo.bmp

Restart your computer and see the change.

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