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Actually, there are assorted services that will activate and processes continually regardless of your computer condition, for example yor computer not linked to a network, so you don't need service from windows that smell network, but windows ignores this matter.

To detecting list services that running at your computer please enter into msconfig, here the way start=>run> type msconfig then enter. Click on tab services . Eliminate thick mark if you want to deactivate it.

These lists of services that can considering for permanent to turn off or still using it.

Warning services alerter
This seTebalrvices functioned to submit warning from administrator, if you self be administrator or you felt unnecessary get warning from administrator, best turn off this service.

Computer browser
This services functioned to watch over and manage computers list in a network, if your computer not linked in a network or selfsupporting so turn off services this.

Index services
if you searching files via filter search or find certainly you be asked to make next searching will faster. if you click choice" yes, but make future searches faster" , so windows will make index from existing documents so your searching process next time will be faster. This services have a duty to make index from your documents. if you seldom for searching files, best turn off services this.

Storage space folder
This service possiblity to do data transfer delivers to pc in a network, so if your computer is selfsupporting or not linked in a network, this services this is not useful.

Error reporting service
This service only functioned in a network, the task to submit error report and error from event protocol network.

if you stay in a network, this server service is so needed, so you can share files and printer. but if you don't stay in a network best turn off sevice this.

TCP/IP netbios helper
This service only use in a network, turn if your computer doesn't stay in a network.

System event notification
This service functioned to send message like a window pop up in a network. usually this network is used by advertising companies to send the advertisement via internet. so if you don't want this service best turn off it.

Net meeting remote desktop sharing
This service possiblity you restrain other computer other in a local network also internet. kill service this if your computer is selfsupporting.

IPSEC service
This service is used to make a encrypted connection with a server. otherwise stay in a network, this service is of not use and can you turn of it.

remote registry
This service possiblilty to accessing registry computer in other network. if you a administrator in a network so service this is you require to manage your computer client especially that concern registry problem, but if your computer doesn't stay in a network best turn off service this.

This service is seldom to use, this service functioned to accessing other pc other by telnet protocol. turn off this service otherwise stays in a network.

upload manager
This service this will functioned to manage file that uploaded, only functioned in a network, turn off otherwise need.

winndows time
This service functioned to syncronate system time found in network. only good for computer in network.

portable serial media number service
This service functioned to investigate media serial number connections with your computer, for example if you have mp3 then you connecting to PC so this service will investigate serial number mp3 player. this service not so useful, best to turn off.

wireless zero configuration
This service functioned to regulate automatically configuration w-lan adaptor. if you don't use w-lan, service this not you require.

after you choose service which has turned off , furthermore enter into window settings service, here the way:
start => control panel => administrative tool then double click icon service, so appear windows pop up sevice.
choose service that you want to turn off, use list sevices above for references.
right click service that you want to turn off then choose stop. this choice will stop the services, but after computer restarted these service will return running. you can ask so the computer never run these service by choose startup type Disable.

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