Friday, January 9, 2009


Hi Everybody...
Return to post again. Today we will try to make an automatic shutdown.

Have you ever forget to turn off your computer, may be you are so tired or you watching TV or other cause. It's no matter, but your computer will working all day until you turn off it.

Actually it would be happen if you set up your computer to automatic system shutdown. May be you will need timer software to do it. But, Did you know ? windows has this tool to do it, so you will not be bsy looking software.

Here the steps :
  1. click menu start => run
  2. type" tsshutdn xx/powerdown" (without quotes)
  3. Then click OK button, if appear confirmation window clicks OK.
  4. If appear confirmation then click ok, minimize small box window that appear ( remember don't close, just minimize)

xx = (time in second)

if you want computer to turn off in 1 hour so type
tsshutdn 3600/powerdown

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